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Coffee Scramble Eggs

Today I'm debuting my first recipe!  It's a breakfast recipe, because, well, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".  Personally, I'm not a big breakfast person, I usually get sick if I eat before noon.  However, I do always make a good breakfast for my family.  Most days, those breakfasts include eggs.  Eggs are wonderful for their protein content and versatility in recipes.  But they can also take a long time to cook depending on what kind of eggs you're making. 

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite quick and nutritious breakfasts:  coffee scramble eggs.  With just a few ingredients and a microwave, you can have a delicious and healthy breakfast in less than 3 minutes that you can even take on-the-go!

What you'll need (per serving):
1 coffee cup
cooking spray
2 large eggs
2 tbsp. milk
2 tbsp. shredded cheese
salt, pepper, and any other favorite egg seasonings (I like a tiny bit of paprika sprinkled in mine)

Preparation (approx. time=1 min):
 1. Spray the inside of your coffee cup with cooking spray so that the eggs don't stick.
2. In a cereal or small mixing bowl, combine the milk, eggs, and, if desired, extra shredded cheese (I always do this, I love cheese!) and whisk until blended with a fork.

Cooking(approx. time=90 seconds):
1. Pour egg mixture into cup
2. microwave for 45 seconds
3. Stir, then microwave for an additional 30-45 seconds (I recommend doing the full 45 unless your microwave cooks really fast).
4. Top with the 2 tbsp. shredded cheese, sprinkle with salt & pepper, add other seasonings if you desire.  Sometimes I also like to top this off with a tiny dollop of sour cream. Let sit until cheese is melted.
5. Enjoy!

I hope this helps the next day you're rushing or just looking for a quick meal, and it beats the heck out of a protein shake!

Thanks to The Incredible Egg website for providing me with the recipe (and many other fantastic ones as well!), the image was created by me on Polyvore.


Yay! I finally achieved my Associates Degree (Liberal Arts) on May 4th!  It was a lot of fun; plus we got to be the first graduating class ever to be in the Wells Fargo Arena! The only downside was that my parent's weren't able to come watch me graduate because their car broke down on the way. :(

Luckily, my wonderful boyfriend took lots of good pics; so I thought I'd post them up and share the special day with all my friends and family out there!  Thanks to everyone who supported me!!

 My beautiful graduation dress, a gift from my boyfriend (Thank you Charles!! :D). Too bad I didn't notice the ribbon came unraveled, hehe.

Pre-ceremony with mi novio, could hardly keep my hat on.  Kept slipping off through the entire ceremony!

The Ceremony
 The graduation stage, there were over 2,000 diplomas on that table.

 I'm not in this photo, but somewhere my awesome Spanish teacher is in one of those black robes.
 Unfortunately, all the pictures during the ceremony I was blinking in.  Still turned out good!

 And finally, we capped the night off with a wonderful dinner and, of course, a celebratory white peach  sangria at Applebees! 

Welcome Wanderers!

I've always been a bit back and forth over creating my own blog.  Not a beauty blog, like Cinnamon Tiger, or some other specific, focused blog.  Just a web-space I can claim for myself in all it's unorganized, multi-faced, imaginative glory.

Since you're new here, let me begin by telling you a little about myself and this blog.

Why Girlgamesh?  I chose it (...well, actually my very, very clever boyfriend came up with it) because of my love for the epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient king who was once very unruly and terrified of death, but overwhelmed of the loss of his best friend, embarked upon a journey that opened his eyes to the meaning of life and led him to became wise by thinking about what he had seen along the way.

What does that have to do with me, a 25 year old mother of two from a small Iowa town?  A lot.  Like Gilgamesh, I am was terrified of death. It wasn't until reading a brief version of this epic in my college Mythology class that I was finally able to get a handle on it.  It also immensely helped me to deal with the death of one of my close, childhood friends, Pat, who had died in a car crash the previous year.

Secondly, I share the same indomitable, magnanimous personality as Gilgamesh.  This blog will be an expression of my own journey (through college and life) and what I'm learning across the way.  There will be lots of other off-topic stuff, because I'm as sporadic as curious, but that's part of the fun in having my own blog.  I'm in my last semester of junior college, and this fall I will (hopefully!) be transferring to the University of Iowa to pursue my career in archeology.

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